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The Horatio Alger Scholarship - Application Deadline October 25, Demonstrate critical financial need ($55,000 or lower adjusted gross family income), Minimum GPA 2.0. Online Application at

Dane G. Hansen Career & Technical Education Scholarship - Application and letters of reference must be returned to the Hansen Foundation, PO Box 187, Logan, KS by October 27th. Can only be used for a 1 or 2 year program or certification.

Elks Most Valuable Student Scholarship - Judged on scholarship, leadership and financial need. Application available online at Due online on or before November 27, 2017.

Elks Legacy Scholarship - Must be child or grandchild of dues-paying Elks member. Judged on knowledge, charity, community service, intergrity. Applications must be submitted online on or before February 2, 2018. More information at

Real World Design Challenge Scholarship -- 7 Awards Deadline November 17 Applications and more information found at world design challenge scholarships scholarship php

Points Schollarship 10 Awards Deadline November 30

Stephen J. Brady Stop Hunger Scholarships $5,000 5 Awards Deadline December 5
Demonstrated on-going commitment to their community by performing unpaid volunteer services impacting hunger in the United Sates within the last 12 months. https:?? j brady stop hunger scholarships scholarship.php

AXA Achievement Scholarships, 52 Awards Deadline December 15 achievement scholarship scholarship.php

Eastern / NFAA Scholarship 5 Awards Deadline December 31 nfaa scholarship program scholarship.php

Harris Poll Scholarship 1 Award $1,000 Deadline December 31

VIP Scholarship 1 Award Deadline January 31 5 000 scholarship scholarship.php

Harry B. Sweet Foundation, INC.
Application for scholarship grant


Manhattan Christian College

Barclay College

McPherson College

Benedictine College

Mid-America Nazarene College

Bethel College

Newman University

Bethany College

Ottawa University

Central Christian College

Pittsburg State University

Emporia State University

Saint Mary College

Fort Hays State University

Southwestern College

Friends University

Sterling College

Hesston College 

Tabor College

Kansas Newman College

University of Kansas

Kansas State University

Washburn University

Kansas Wesleyan University

Wichita State University

Kansas Two-Year, Vocational/Technical
& Community Colleges, and Institutes






            This assessment is a practice test for the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test), as well as the entry into the National Merit Scholarship.  This test measures critical reading, math problem-solving and writing skills developed over many years, both in and out of school.  This test is for Juniors, however, Sophomores can take this test as a practice.
            For the test you will need
                        #2 pencils and eraser
                        Approved calculator
                        Social Security Number
            You may go to  for sample questions and practice test answer explanations.
Test Date for the 2015 school year is October 14.  This is late start date so testing will begin with the start of 2nd hour.  You must sign up in the counseling office to take this test.

ACT Test Dates

Test Date

Registration Deadline

(Late Fee Required)

October 24, 2015

September 18, 2015


December 12, 2015

November 6, 2015


Febuary 6, 2015

January 8, 2015


April 9, 2013

March 4, 2015


June 11, 2015

May 6, 2015





ACT encourages registration online.  Registration packets are no longer provided to the counseling office.

ACT Vocabulary List Click Here

Financial Aid

Types of Financial Aid

County Wide Financial Aid Meeting
January 9, 2012 at 6:00 at Republic County High School in the Library.

Federal Aid Programs
          Federal programs are based on financial need.  Applications for federal aid are made through the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).  Each school has their own preferred deadline date. The application asks for information directly off of your tax forms so it is advisable to complete this after your tax returns are completed.  This is the largest single source of financial aid for college.

State Aid Programs
            Kansas has a few scholarship programs, based on merit or merit plus need.  A separate application from the federal programs is required.

Grants and Scholarships
            Grants and Scholarships do not have to be repaid.  In order to receive scholarships you must be willing to make application and complete the work asked on an application.  This may include writing an essay, outlining your school land community activities, taking a test, giving a speech, etc.  Often a local scholarship goes uncollected because no one wanted to take the time to write a short essay. 
            Some suggestions on scholarships:

  1.  Be organized (both in how you keep your information and how you present it on an application).  You should have your resume ready now.  It is a good idea to keep this resume in your computer file so it can be quickly and easily updated.  Please keep a copy of your current resume on file in the counselor’s office.
  2.  Be consistent (don’t quit applying for scholarships when you haven’t received any by November).
  3. Be neat (this means have everything typed where possible, (if you can’t type, find someone who can.)
  4. Be correct (make sure you have used correct spelling, punctuation, that there are NO ERRORS and PROOFREAD more than once).

            Often as part of scholarship applications (or job applications), you will be required to list several individuals as references.  Former employers, teachers, counselors, principals, coaches, ministers, etc. are usually considered good references.  You will, of course, want to choose someone who will be able to say positive things about you.
            However, before you list a person as a reference you should ask their permission first.  Often the person who is not asked will provide a less than satisfactory report about you for that very reason.
            Also, please do not expect anyone to write a reference for you and hand it over to you.  An evaluator can be more objective and honest, including more complimentary, if they can  mail the reference directly.  If at all possible, give the person the mailing address or at the very least ask them to seal it in an envelope, sign the seal, and respect that seal.

            Almost all schools have their own scholarship funds with varying requirements.  To apply for these scholarships, inquire at the financial aid office of the school you are considering attending.  There are several different types of scholarships available from colleges and universities, academic, athletic, departmental, organizational, etc.  Often this is your BEST CHANCE for scholarships.  It is a good idea to get to know the financial aid office at the school you plan to attend.

            Funds loaned through a lending institution or college.  Some federal loans, based on financial need, the student does not have to pay back until 6 months after they graduate or leave the institution.  Loan programs are also available to eligible parents for college expenses of their qualifying children.

Military Programs
            The military offers several options to help you pay for post secondary education.

Work Study Programs
            Jobs that allow students to earn money toward their expenses while they are enrolled in school.  Students can sometimes get jobs related to their program of study.  Eligibility for work study is based on financial need as determined through the FAFSA.
Here is a link to the FAFSA web site:

Leadership Opportunities

For Sophomores Only
April 20 & 21, 2012. Learn about making the transition from high school to college life, tour the KSU campus, interact with current K-State students. Reservtions may be made by going online to by Wednesday, April 10.

FRS Youth Tour—Washington DC
                June 2-6,2012 to learn about the telecommunications industry and government processes; visit national historic sites; and network with other students.  Applicants must be high school tudents who are living in a household receiving Nex-Tech/Rural Telephone local telephone, Internet, or cable TV services, and who will be ages 16 or 17 at the time of the tour.  Download application at www.nex-tech.comnex-generation or  Applications must  be received in the Lenora Kansas office by 5:00 p.m. on March 9.  Nex-Tech/Rural Telephone will select up to two students for the tour.

Cadet Law Enforcement Academy
Cadet Law Enforcement Academy applications are now available for academy scheduled for June 10-15, 2012. Application deadline March 31.

Washburn University Leadership Institute. 
            This is a inter-scholastic leadership competition which enables high school and college students an opportunity to participate in an organized competition that simulates real-ife experiences.  March 7-8, 2013 at Washburn University in Topeka.  Registration opens November 1, 2012 at www.  Dadline is January 7, 2013.  Application can be found at!


Graduation Requirements

Pike Valley High School
Graduation Requirements

To graduate from Pike Valley High School, a student must
complete the following graduation requirements:

English                        4 credits
Math                          3 credits
Science                      3 credits
Social Science            3 credits
Physical Education/
Health                    1 credit
Fine Arts                    1 credit
Electives                     10 credits
Financial Literacy 1 credit
TOTAL                       25 credits

Kansas Board of Regents
Qualified Admissions

For admissions to institutions under the State Board of Regents, a students must earn an ACT Composite score of 21, or rank in the top 1/3 of his/her high school class, or earn a minimum grade point average of 2.00 on a 4.00 scale in the approved pre-college curriculum belowa:

4 Units (years) English
3 Units             Math (Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II; OR Geometry, Algebra II, Algebra III; must be taken at the high school level)
3 Units             Social Science (World History, American History, US Government)
3 Units             Natural Science (must include Chemistry or Physics)

Board of Regents Universities include:  Emporia State University, Ft. Hays State University, Kansas State University, Pittsburg State University, University of Kansas, Wichita State University


Kansas Scholars Curriculum

            To be considered for designation as a Kansas Scholar, a student must complete the following curriculum:

                        4 Units            English
                        4 Units            Math (Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Algebra III or
                                               Geometry, Algebra II, Algebra III, Calculus)
                        3 Units            Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics
                        3 Units            Social Science
                        2 Units            Foreign Language (must be the same language)

            The names of students who are enrolled in this curriculum are sent to the Board of Regents for scholarship consideration.  Notification is sent from the Board of Regents if the student is selected as a Kansas Scholar.

            Students maintain their Scholar designation throughout their college career.  The student may or may not be funded for this scholarship.  Money is available is distributed to eligible college seniors first, then juniors, etc.


            Student athletes who plan to enroll in a NCAA Division I or II school and compete at the collegiate level, are required to make application to the NCAA Clearinghouse.  Information on NCAA competition is available at



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